Anomaly (2012) - 100 min.
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Liberty Bell Films - An independent motion picture production company founded by Mark Kochanowicz.

Using charts and medical history, actuary Wesley (Wes) Riemann can statistically predict how many years
someone has to live. But it's only a prediction.

When he discovers the life insurance firm he works for has been cancelling policies weeks, sometimes
days before the policy holder dies in order to avoid costly payouts, he comes to grip with the impossible -
that somehow, they know the exact date when someone will die.

In order to prevent the firm from destroying anymore lives, including his own, Wes will risk it all to discover
an unbelievable secret.

From the critically acclaimed creative team behind
Bleeder, Refuge & The Root People, filmmakers  
Wade Ballance and Mark Kochanowicz will bring you their first feature-length film, Anomaly.

Anomaly will be shot in the Philadelphia region using the Red One camera or Canon video-DSLR.
SAG actors and a versatile crew will be utilized in bringing our vision into theaters in 2013.

Check back often for updates as
Anomaly moves forward and to find out how you can be involved.
Anomaly - A film by Mark Kochanowicz
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