Blind Man's Bluff (2006) 3 Minutes, 16mm B&W

Written and Directed by Thomas MaCoy
Cinematography by Thomas MaCoy
Edited by Thomas McCoy
Executive Producer - Mark Kochanowicz
Associate Producer - Brandie Posey
William Spangler & Mark Kochanowicz
Log Line: A well-meaning businessman believes he has fallen
victim to a blind man's scam.

Synopsis: Our Hero, a man by his very nature of a helpful
disposition, sets out for his daily walk. On his journey he seeks out
those in need to which he might lend whatever assistance they
require. But his efforts to aid a disabled man across the street
reveal the limits of his patience and show that sometimes cheerful
people have the worst breaking points.
Business Man - Mark Kochanowicz
Blind Man - William Spangler
Homeless Man - Matt Myers
Assistant Director - Matt Hrehor
Assistant Camera - Rory Abel
Key Grip - Ryan O'Laughlin
Propmaster - Brandie Posey
Production Stills:   1   2   3
Screenings: Bare Bones International Film Festival 2007 - April 26, 2007
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