Facility for the Common Man (2005) 7 Minutes

Directed by Ron Perozzi
Written & Produced by Mark Kochanowicz

Tagline: A germophobe's day is interrupted by a bowl of chili.

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Kent Fishman is a germophobe who spends the weekdays pushing a
pencil at his tidy desk while his employer’s uncouth factory workers lounge in the
company's filthy restroom. It is a hostile environment that Kent tries to avoid but can’t.
Although he refrains from using the toilet, Kent reluctantly visits the facility on a daily
basis because of his compulsive need to cleanup after lunch. One particular day
Kent eats a bowl of chili which causes him major discomfort. Hoping he can get
through the workday without using the facility, Kent deals with his discomfort, vowing
to last until quitting time so he can to use his own throne at home. Just when the end
of the day nears with relief approaching, an untimely phone call from his sultry and
irresistible wife complicates the matter. Kent has little choice but to use the facility for
the common man in a way he could have never planned
Facility for the Common Man - Poster
Nominated for the Golden Bone Award for Best Short Comedy
Bare Bones International Film Festival
Director of Photography/Camera - Jena Serbu
Original Music - John Avarese
Editor - Mark Kochanowicz
Assistant Camera - Nick Perfetto
Location Sound - Jonathan Hafer
Production Assistant - Michelle Morrison
Production Assistant - Sharon Roggio
Director - Ron Perozzi
Crew - Michelle, Jena, Jonathan and Nick
Mark Kochanowicz - KENT
Meghan Heimbecker - JENNY
William Johnston - OLD LABORER
Leonard Wilcox - YOUNG LABORER
Marc Krinsky - GERM 1
Billy Mathew Finnigan - GERM 2
Paige Riezo - INGENUE 1
Jessica Yeager - INGENUE 2
Elizabeth Reid - INGENUE 3
Mark Kochanowicz - KENT
Meghan Heimbecker - Jenny
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