Hello My Name Is
Romance - HDV - 7 minutes - October 27, 2008

Made for the National Film Challenge
Genre - Romance
Prop - Fly Swatter
Character - Jamie Walsh (Clerk)
Line of Dialogue - "And what have we learned from this?"

Shot with Canon XH A1

Produced & Directed by Mark Kochanowicz
Written by Wade Ballance, Paul Pelletier, Benjamin Kanes & Mark Kochanowicz

Director of Photography - Thomas MaCoy
Editor - Mark Kochanowicz
Original Music - Matt Scott Baker
Production Designer & Titles - Jennifer W. Jackson
Assistant Director - Benjamin Kanes
Sound Mixer - Ray Moleski
Gaffer - David Garcia
Grip - Jeff Keglovitz

Ward Williams - William Spangler
Lily Mays - Jennifer Wiener
Male Instructor - Benjamin Kanes
Female Instructor - Lisa Roman
Jamie Walsh - Crystal Wenrick
Kyle Williams - Mark Kochanowicz
Cenzie Sakar - Jason Bentley Jones
Blair Valenti - Jennifer Elisabeth Chase
Flip Chase - Sammy Cesare
Carson Bano - Kenneth Clark
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