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The Last Stand of the Soul (2006) 9 Minutes - Horror
This short film was shot over June 23-25, 2006 under the
SAG short film agreement. This film was shot in High
Definition 720p using the Panasonic AG-HVX200 24p.
Completed January 2008. Stay tuned for the teaser!
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Behind the Scenes Images
Tom_Rory05  |  Nicholas06  |  Mark16
Rory18  |  Mark20  |  Brea_Mark22  |  Tom_Rory25
Photography by Denise Lacen

This film deals with survival and family dynamics during
the aftermath of an alien takeover of the earth.
Directed by Rory Abel
Written by Rory Abel & Thomas MaCoy
Produced by Mark Kochanowicz
Cinematography by Thom MaCoy
Original Music by John Avarese

Brea Bee - Gina
Mark Kochanowicz - Jacob
Nicholas Wilder - Marcus

Editor - Rory Abel
Sound Editor - Thomas MaCoy
1st AD - Randy L. Palmer
2nd AD/Script Supervisor - Christine Stoeber
AC - Matt Hingstman
Gaffer - Chandler Simms
Grips - Cameron Wicks & Ryan O'Laughlin
Sound - Fran Mays & Randy L. Palmer
Storyboard Artist - Anthony Emezu
© Copyright 2006 Mark Kochanowicz. All Rights Reserved.
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