Lesser Evil (2014) - Dark Comedy, 7 min
Liberty Bell Films - Motion Picture Independence
Mark Kochanowicz - Director, Writer, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor
Wade Ballance - Writer, Producer, Assistant Director
John Avarese - Original Music
Ron Perozzi - Gaffer, Grip
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Four notorious killers plead their cases with the devil for one ticket out of hell and into purgatory.
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Liberty Bell Films - An independent motion picture production company founded by Mark Kochanowicz.
Theatrical Screenings:
October 6, 2014. 8:30 pm - International House - 3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104 - World Premier.

Made for the 2014 Project Twenty1 Competition.
KJ Linhein - Ted Kaczinski
Sarah Lynn Dewey - Lizzie Borden
Lysa Braccille - The Devil
Damien Colletti - Jack the Ripper
Gene Traupman - Joseph Stalin
Lesser Evil - a film by Mark Kochanowicz.
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