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The Root People is a thriller in the vein of The Skeleton Key, set against the backdrop of the deep
south. The script was a semi-finalist in the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Nicholl
Fellowship placing higher than over 6000 other screenplays.

A prescription drug-addicted physical therapist travels to the deep south to find his uncle's killer. But as
he struggles to make sense of his uncle's death, he discovers a town controlled by moonshine and
masked men still living with the ghosts of the past.

South Pole Films, LLC is a newly formed Delaware limited liability company, formed for the purpose of
producing, owning, licensing and participating in revenues from an independent full-length feature film
The Root People (the "Film").

The company will be managed by its Managing Members, Wade Ballance and Mark Kochanowicz. Mr.
Ballance wrote
The Root People and will be the director. Mr. Kochanowicz is the producer and will act in
the Film.

To request the password for The Root People script and investors kit please call 215-485-1817 or  fill
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